Bird Tunnels

Our babies and some of our retired or resting breeding pairs love a little space to snuggle up into for naps, bedtime, or just playtime.
We have designed this play tunnel out of light weight drainage PVC.

If you have purchased a baby from us, your baby has had a tunnel in his weaning cage. Right around the time the babies start to fly they discover the tunnels and spend alot of time playing in and around the tunnel. At night time it always surprises me how many babies can fit in this tunnel!! Most pet owners will not have more than 2 birds in a cage and this tunnel is the perfect size for two friends to snuggle up in.

It may take a couple days before your baby feels comfortable going in the tunnel. Give your bird a few days to get comfortable with the tunnel and you will see that they will go in the tunnel for both play and sleep.

At this time, I am making the jingle tunnel to be a top mount only.

Hanging the Tunnel
  • I suggest you hang the tunnel so that when your bird gets in the tunnel they can look out the front of the cage. They seem to be more comfortable with the tunnel hung in this way.
  • For safety reasons, do not hang the tunnel too close to the edge of your cage. Make sure your bird has plenty of room to move around all sides of the tunnel.
  • You may hang your tunnel from the top of the cage or the side. The birds don’t seem to mind which way it is hung, just keep in mind that if your cage has a playtop with a removable tray under the play top, you will not be able to hang the tunnel from the top.